Barrhaven’s new Stone Lions arrive from Beijing and are now in place at Water Dragon Park

Thanks to the generous donation from the Xicheng District of Beijing, the hard work of our community partners, assistance of CN, and a great team who helped unload and install the delivery, a pair of Stone Lions have arrived at Water Dragon Park in Barrhaven and have been placed at the entrance of the park.

A special event will be held on Wednesday, June 19th at 9am to officially ‘awaken’ the Lions to protect and nurture the community park.

Each of the two lions weights approximately 2000kg.  The lion to the left of the arch represents the female lion and is the nurturer, playing with and protecting her cub.  The lion to the right is the male lion who has his paw on a ball, symbolizing protection and power.  This pair of beautifully crafted lions will grace the entrance of the park for all residents to enjoy.

In 2012, this community park on Chapman Mills Drive was named ‘Water Dragon Park’ in recognition of the Year of the Dragon.  As the park was designed with dragon park features, contains a water dragon themed splash pad, and is situated in a neighbourhood with a strong Chinese community; the name was a perfect fit. I have been working with local Chinese community leaders on enhancing the Chinese features within Water Dragon Park. These features included Chinese Character etched benches and additional trees that are native to both Canada and China.

The City of Ottawa has strong ties with China and the City of Beijing, with the recent completion of the Ottawa Chinatown Royal Arch and the Sister City Friendship Relations that was established in 1999 by Mayor Watson, prior to amalgamation.