City of Ottawa to Participate in Hire a Veteran program

The program is aimed at assisting in the transitioning from military careers to the civilian workforce. The City of Ottawa can now help bridge the gap for retired veterans seeking re-entry into the workforce.

“I am pleased to welcome the City of Ottawa’s support to promote the hiring of our nation’s Veterans,” said Parliamentary Secretary Eve Adams.

“Our talented, Canadian Veterans have excellent skills to offer the City of Ottawa. These distinguished men and women have served Canada in some of the most difficult work environments around the globe. Yet the average age of a veteran discharging from the Canadian Armed Forces is only 37. These highly-trained veterans have great skills to offer Corporate Canada. We continue to seek the support of Corporate Canada to provide rewarding employment opportunities to our nation’s truest heroes,” added Ms. Adams.


With MP Eve Adams earlier this year discussing opportunities to assist Veterans in Ottawa.

The City of Ottawa is the second municipality to join the Hire a Veteran program.

“I am pleased that members of Council supported my motion asking the City to participate in the program as there are a large number of veterans in the City of Ottawa that have a great deal of valuable work experience and qualifications,”. “The City of Ottawa is happy to work with and help connect the many talented men and women whose skills would be an asset to any workforce,”

Each year between 4,000 and 5,000 Canadian Armed Forces members leave the military at an average age of 37 years. These veterans have transferable skills and talents in areas such as planning, teamwork, communication, management, leadership and skilled trades.

City of Ottawa Career Alerts will be sent to Veterans Affairs Canada for employment opportunities posted on the City’s website.